BBZ Arenenberg


BBZ Arenenberg

The BBZ (“Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum”) Arenenberg is a centre for education and consultation in the fields of agriculture, domestic economy and manufacturing of musical instruments. It is located in Switzerland in the canton of Thurgau, close to the Lake of Constance.

The BBZ Arenenberg houses the consultation team for berries and vegetables, consisting of Peter Konrad (leader), Ludger Knapp and Dr. Claudia Willging. The team offers qualified consulting services to berry and vegetable producers concerning economic strategies, production, harvest and storage techniques, administration and plant protection. Further tasks involve the professional training of producers and cooperation with national and international organisations.

In the canton of Thurgau the kiwiberry project started in 2003. Up to now there are about 20 kiwiberry producers and the harvest amounts to 17t per year, with increasing tendency.


Dr. Claudia Willging
BBZ Arenenberg
Consultation team berries and vegetables
CH-8268 Salenstein
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