Ghent University

Universiteit Gent Universiteit Gent Universiteit Gent Universiteit Gent

Ghent University

Ghent University (Dutch: Universiteit Gent, abbreviated as UGent) is a Dutch-speaking public university located in Ghent, Belgium.

It is one of the larger Flemish universities, consisting of 38,000 students and 7,900 staff members.

The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (FBE) of Ghent University offers academic education, fundamental and applied research and services based on knowledge, production and innovative use of nature and its resources.

The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (FBE) is a leading faculty in international education programmes such as Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Atlantis and other international funded cooperation programmes and is involved in a lot of national and international funded research programmes in EU and non-EU countries. The faculty has alumni from over 95 countries.

The study programmes focus on biological, physical and chemical sciences, hereby aiming at the sustainable production and processing of plant and animal material and the management and protection of nature and the environment.

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